Pests destroy homes, buildings and the property inside.  They can transmit disease-causing organisms like West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, malaria and more!

In fact, society’s current longevity is in part attributed to modern pest control.  For a safe and sanitary home, America’s Pest Control provides regular services using odorless products.


Arizona Scorpions

The bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in North America, and its venom can cause severe pain!
Bee Removal Lake Havasu City

Killer Bees

The “Killer Bees” in Arizona are by far more defensive than honey bees. They’re more likely to attack & attack relentlessly and in larger numbers.
crickets lake havasu city


While the males’ constant chirping to attract females is bothersome, crickets are food source for other dangerous pests like scorpions and spiders.
Cockroach Exterminator Lake Havasu City


The German cockroach breeds the fastest & are even able to live in clean environments surviving on glues, soaps and toothpaste. They can ruin appliances too.
Termites Lake Havasu City


Termites are considered Arizona’s number one urban pest and cause extreme amounts of damage. Attempting to control termites on your own is not recommended.
Ants Lake Havasu City


Ants live in colonies. Just spraying an ant with a typical ant spray will only kill a few at best. The entire colony must be exterminated.
Centipedes and Millipedes Lake Havasu City


They can puncture skin with a their clawed legs to inject the flesh with venom. This causes a bite similar to a bee sting. Centipedes prey on crickets.
Rat Exterminator Lake Havasu City


Rats not only pose health threats like murine typhus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis; but also cause billions of dollars in property damage annually.
Spiders Lake Havasu City


While terrify to look at, Black Widow & Brown Recluse Spiders can pose serious danger. If bitten by black widow or brown recluse, seek emergency treatment.


America’s Pest Control provides full service assessments and consultations. We base each consultation strategy on the plant life knowledge and weed control experience that we’ve gained over many years. Our wide array of treatments is meant to be tailored to your specific needs. We will look over your job and provide you with a professional management plan which may be contracted bi-annually, yearly or even one time services.

scorpion weed lake havasu city weed control

This type of weed control is a water based application which is sprayed over dirt, soil, landscaping, yards and lawns in order to take control of the development of broadleaf weeds and plants. Pre-emergent simply means proactive – before the weed emerge. This product will literally stop the seeds from growing and germinating, therefore killing the weeds before they start. Since pre-emergent is only really designed to target seeds, it normally doesn’t take care of the problem caused by existing weeds. According the manufacturers of these weed control materials, they are safe to humans and pets once they are dry. Although we are able to successfully perform weed control, it is always suggested to schedule for year-round visits to prevent the weeds from becoming a larger problem in the future.
This type of weed control is a liquid applicant that is sprayed directly on to undesired weeds to exterminate them. It is a systemic material that is consumed through the foliage, leaves and skin of the plant and then eventually it is absorbed into the roots. This management method has proven to be the most effective solution to weed control and guarantees the death of unwanted plants. This application program can be used on dirt, soil, lawns, landscaping and rock or stone. For lawn weed control, a selective type of post emergent is used to ensure the safety of your grass or lawn, but to remove broadleaf weeds and plants. Our technicians take special care to ensure that all of your decorative plants will not be harmed during the weed control process.

Why Weed Control?

Not everybody is bothered by the sight or inconvenience of weeds, but there are actually some weeds that are harmful. These are called noxious weeds which can destroy wildlife habitat through a process called mono source dominance, which irradiates areas of nutrient rich insects and plants. This can disrupt animal migratory patterns as well as effect riparian water areas that are crucial to valley life as a whole. America’s Pest Control cares about taking care of your lawns and yards just as much as the environment.


America’s Pest Control is one of the few companies in Arizona that specialize in termite control. Typically, homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite destruction or termite control. Termites cause over a billion dollars’ worth of damage to homes every single year in the United States. Our professional treatment and inspection program can help you better understand the threat of severe damage caused by termites as well as help you in taking the necessary steps in protecting your home.

One thing that may strike fear into a home-owner’s heart more than anything else is termites. Imagine having a termite control inspection done and hearing that you’re thousands of dollars in repair debt because you were unaware of your infestation, or waited too long to get the right treatment. There is no home that is immune to these pests unless the home has already been and continues to be treated for termite control. Our intention at America’s Pest Control is to find the problem, get rid of the problem and keep the problem away!

Contact us about inspecting your home before you sell!

The Inspection

If you’ve lived in a home for years and haven’t had problems, or are a new home owner, don’t assume that your home is termite-free. Termites tend to only swarm once or two times a year meaning that you may miss when it’s happening, and are completely unaware of the damage that’s being caused. Having an America’s Pest Control technician come to your home for  a termite control inspection will ensure that that any tell-tale signs of infestation are not overlooked or ignored. Some of these signs that may require termite control might include:

  • Tubes that termites build of mud that are used to travel above ground
  • Wood that is clearly damaged or sounds hollow
  • Pin-sized holes in the wallpaper or drywall
  • Termite wings that have been shed

The Treatment

More times than not, treatment doesn’t reverse the damage that’s been done by termites. In order to control these unwanted pests, our effective treatment plans may include these types of options:

  • Exterior Protection and Prevention – A chemical exterior around the home or business to exterminate existing termites and prevent new ones from entering
  • Direct Contact – When possible, we’ll deal directly with the pests

Keep in Mind

A common misconception is that of the confusion between termites and ants. Ants tend to have a smaller waste with bent antennae, whereas termites have a thicker waste with straight antennae and two sets of wings.

There is a particular type of termite that tends to cause the most extreme amounts of damage – the Subterranean termite. These types of termites can stand out by the mud tunnels they build toward wooden structures to obtain food. Wood is a cellulose-containing material that happens to be a food substitute for termites, and with enough time they’ll eat until nothing remains. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get termite control or a termite control inspection today. We care and you should too!