Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is pre-emergent?
A: Pre-emergent is a water-based substance that stops weeds from germinating when it is applied to your lawn, yard or driveway. This can usually be applied over the top of existing plants.

Q: Does pre-emergent stain the surfaces that it comes into contact with?
A: When pre-emergent is applied, it will leave a temporary color which is referred to as an “indicator” that lets the client as well as the applicator know that it has been applied to that area.

Q: What is post-emergent?
A: Post-emergent is applied to plants that have already emerged in order to kill them. This material is systemic meaning that it gets absorbed into the plant through the leaves and stems, and eventually the roots. If weeds are growing on your lawn, certain post-emergent materials can be used that focus only on broad-leaf plants.

Q: Does post-emergent stain?
A: Just like pre-emergent, any color that may be left is temporary.

Q: Are any of the materials that are used for weed control and management harmful to my pets or children?
A: The manufacturers that produce these materials make it clear that once they have dried, they are unharmful to humans and pets.

Q: When is a good time to do pre-emergent?
A: If you have not had a pre-emergent spray within the last 9 months, you should do one immediately. There is no particular season that is best to spray for weeds, we are a year-round business to make sure that you are always covered.

Q: Are the pesticides that you use dangerous to people or pets?
A: Just like most chemicals, they can be dangerous if not applied correctly. That’s why each of our technicians at America’s Pest Control are trained, certified and experienced. Our pesticides are low in toxicity as well.

Q: Do different seasons pose different pest problems?
A: In Arizona, the weather changes with the seasons definitely have an effect on the types of pests you may encounter. In cooler seasons rodent activity increases due to them wanting to be in a warm, dry location.

Q: Does America’s Pest Control offer a one time visit or are you required to sign a long-term contract?
A: There are no contracts or obligations required with America’s Pest Control. It’s just dependable service, whenever you need us.

​Q: How can I pay for your services?
A: We accept almost all methods of payment: cash, credit or debit card, advance payments, check or by paying the technician at the time of arrival.